Camping Spots around Dieng Plateau

Dieng is a plateau situated at around 2.000 meters above sea level in Central Java. Its volcanic landscape with sulphurous springs, coloured lakes, and fertile soil leading to its many steep hills being covered in terraced vegetable fields, make it a truly unique place to visit.  

When researching for this road trip I struggled to find clear information for individual travelers about how to get to Dieng, what to do there, and where to camp, especially in English. In this blog series I will describe the different routes to Dieng and share some of the amazing places and camping spots you can explore there. I hope it helps some of you with planning your next adventure to Dieng. 

Camp Ground Sikunir

This campground is located along the shore of Cebong lake, just behind Sembungan village. Its location at around 2.300 meters above sea level makes it the highest village in Java. This campsite is often used by hikers who plan to summit Sikunir hill in the early morning hours to see its famous golden sunrise.

The area is very peaceful and surrounded by hills and vegetable fields. I especially enjoyed sunset time when the sky and lake slowly changed colors.

This is a simple campground with no facilities. However, it is possible to use the toilets at the nearby parking area for a small donation. You can set up camp anywhere you like. I recommend to drive past the large parking area and look for a spot on the opposite side of the lake. The spots there are more private and quieter.

It is also possible to rent tents at one of the small shops in the parking area. Don’t worry about the payment. In the morning someone will come by and ask you for a small parking fee of 10.000 Rp.

Keep in mind that this place is located at 2.300 meters above sea level, so it gets very chilly at night. Prepare some warm clothes and a good sleeping bag.

Location: Telaga Cebong

Bukit Cinta Telaga Menjer Campground

Bukit Cinta is located near the main road between Dieng Plateau and Wonosobo. It’s challenging to get there but absolutely worth the struggle. From this hill you can enjoy the view over lake Menjer with Mount Sundoro in the background. You can also see all the way to Wonosobo and its surrounding valleys and mountains.

Bukit Cinta has a campground build on the edge of the cliff overlooking the lake. It's a sunning spot and surely an amazing place to watch the stars at night and wake up in the morning. It can be accessed by campervans. You can use the facilities of the small Warung nearby. They will also tell you more about the camping fee.

When we got there, it was pouring down so we decided to stay at Bagas Luxury Camp instead. It’s a small hotel with 2 rooms and some glamping tents. It’s built on the hill’s edge and overlooks the lake, an absolutely beautiful place to relax and enjoy nature.

We paid 500.000Rp. for the room with breakfast, balcony, and hot water. I was so happy to have hot water in this cold place, especially after camping without having had a proper shower for a few days. Considering the location, I think the room price is fair and absolutely worth it. The camp also has small restaurant with surprisingly cheap prices for their delicious food. Even if you don’t stay there, I highly recommend stopping by and enjoying some coffee or food on their beautiful terrace.

Don’t follow the directions on Google maps when driving to Bukit Cinta. Instead, head to Telaga Menjer and take a turn at this crossing. From here follow the dirt road uphill, pass between a few narrow houses and follow the road signs. This road is built with rocks which makes it quite bumpy. It’s also very narrow in some parts, but we were able to drive all the way to Bukit Cinta with our car Black Pearl, a Toyota Avanza in the pouring rain. It takes around 10 to 15 minutes to reach the hill from the lake.

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