Off the Beaten Path Detours from the Carretera Austral - Puerto Ingeniero Ibanez


There are tons of blogs about driving the Carretera Austral in Chile but most of them keep on talking about the same spots along Ruta 7. While popular places like Chalten or the hanging glacier in Queulat are amazing and definitely worth visiting they are also quite busy.  

But don't worry, there are several possible detours you can take from the Carretera which will bring you away from the main tourist route to beautiful places you'll have almost to yourself. 

In this blog series I'll share the stunning detours we have taken while heading south along the Carretera Austral. 

Stunning view from Mirador Cerro Castillo shortly before the turn-off onto Ruta X65, the main road leading down to Puerto Ingeniero Ibanez. 

Ruta x65

The 30km long road leading down to Puerto Ingeniro Ibanez is paved, runs mostly downhill and passes by many lagunas. 

We got lucky and saw this beautiful rainbow on our way down. 

This is the small town located right on the shore of Lago General Carrera.


We found this peaceful wild camping spot just outside of town, around 500 meters past the ferry terminal.  

Some local fisherman where there in the afternoon but then we had it all to ourselves.

Spring time is flower time 

Follow the small path onto the hill to see the bay from a different angle. 

Dish washing duty in a pretty sunset setting

Scenic Ruta x723 and x735

This route was the main reason we came to Puerto Ingeniero Ibanez. We found it as a suggestion on the IOverlander App. It's all gravel but most parts were in very good condition. We managed to drive it leading us back to Ruta 7 in our Mitsi, a Mitsubishi L300 with two-wheel drive. The only other car we crossed on this very remote road was a small city car, so this road is definitely drivable in any car. 

The powerful Salto (Waterfall) del Rio Ibanez was already visible from far away.

A few more impressions of the drive...

The perfect spot for a coffee break. Lago Central with the snow-covered peaks of  the Cerro Castillo National Park in the background. 

We spotted a lot of farm animals along the road. 

Mirador back on Ruta 7.

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