Detour from Ruta 40: Lago Posadas

Lago Posadas is a small Argentinian village located close to the boarder to Chile. The town itself is quite small and does not have much to offer but the area surrounding the town is stunning. It's a great place to get off the typical tourist route and experience the slow-pace Patagonian life.  

You can either reach it by taking Ruta 37 from Bajo Caracoles, or take the scenic Ruta 41 from Los Antiguos, a great alternative to famous Ruta 40. I highly recommend the second option and have written a detailed description of our experience on Ruta 41.

Make sure to stock up on supplies and gas before heading out of the village Lago Posadas. You can find a small supermarket and a Panaderia (bakery) with delicious freshly baked bread close to the tourist information office. This office is also the only place with Wifi as there is no phone signal in the whole area. 

A quick heads-up: the gas station was closed when we got there, but the helpful staff at the tourist information office helped us contact the owner who came by soon after to pump some gas for us.  

It was crazy windy when we were in town.

Lago Posadas and Lago Pueyrredon

The lakes are surrounded by a stunning landscape: very dry, desert-like hills with snow-covered mountain peaks in the background. 

The two lakes are separated by a very narrow stretch of land. This is enough to keep the two distinct colors of their waters separated.  

Arco de Piedra

This stone arch can be seen from the shore of Lago Posadas, just follow the short track leading there form Ruta 39. 

Valle Oro

Shortly before reaching Estancia Suyai, a dirt road leads up into hills. Don't miss out on this road. It first gives you amazing views over both lakes. 

Then you'll pass by Garganta del Rio Oro.

Keep on driving until the beautiful Valle Oro stretched out below you.  


There are a lot of wild camping spots all around the two lakes. However, if it's windy like when we were there, I highly recommend staying at a campground instead. We drove to the end of Ruta 39 where we found Estancia Suyai. They have a large campground surrounded by lots of wind stopping trees, which work amazingly well. We even managed to cook outside for the first time in days. They also have hot water showers and Wifi.
These are the magical wind stoppers. 

You can access the lake through a small gate. There is also a restaurant with lake view. 

The water of Lake Pueyrredon is crystal clear and must be beautiful to swim in during the warmer summer months.

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