7 Amazing Wild Camping Spots in Chile

Wild camping spot with amazing views over snow-covered mountain tops and lakes at  Volcano Osorno.  

I love wild camping. It allows me to spend time away from it all, surrounded by nothing but nature.

However, there are a few things to consider before looking for a wild camping spot, such as safety and regulations. In Chile, it is allowed to camp on beaches and in the remote countryside. It is however always a good idea to ask for permission, should you meet some people nearby. You can also check with locals if the area you're planning on camping in is generally safe. We additionally always made sure to check for potential warnings on the iOverlander App before choosing a wild camping spot.   

Beautiful wild camping spots can be pretty difficult to find. That's why I have decided to share detailed information about my favorite places. I have sorted them according to their location from north to south.


Bahia Cisnes

Click here for the exact location. 

This quiet bay is located between Huasco and Bahia Inglesia. 

It's close to the main road for easy access but far enough to have a quiet night.

It might be tempting to camp on the beach instead of on the cliff, but be careful, a local family with a 4x4 got stuck here in the sand for hours. All of our combined efforts to free the car were without success so they had to wait for a friend to pull them out with another truck. 

Make sure to walk up the hill to see the local fisherman coming and going. 

Playa Quiapo

Click here for the exact location.

This spot just above the beach is near Lebu, a small village between Conception and Valdivia. 

There are many more potential camping places on the hills nearby but this one had the most wind protection.

We had this whole area to ourselves. 

It's right on a beautiful beach which is perfect for long walks. 

Another stunning sunset on the Pacific coast. 

Playa Tril Tril

Click here for the exact location.

This spot is also on the beach, near the small town San Juan de la Costa.

The beach was wild and deserted when we got there. 

There are a lot of holiday homes in the nearby hills, so this place might be busy during the summer. 

The access road to this beach is quite steep, but the worst parts are paved so we managed to get up and down the steep inclines with our 2-wheel drive Mitsubishi L 300.  

Osorno Volcano

Click here for the exact location.

You can find this spot near the road to Volcano Osorno. The nearest town is Ensenada.
Can you find Mitsi in this picture? 

The wild camping spot itself already has amazing views, but they get even better if you walk up the nearby hill. 

From there you'll get an almost 360 degree view.

Sunset time 


Click here for the exact location.

This spot is on a cliff in the north of Chiloe.

Make sure to bring enough food and drinks as the next town is pretty far away. 

The beach is just a minute down the hill.

Sunset with delicious Chilean wine

Household chores with view

In the morning lots of vultures were flying over the cliffs and we were able to spot dolphins playing in the waves. 

Puerto Ibanez

Click here for the exact location.

This spot is on the shore of Lago General Carrera, a lake in Patagonia, shared by Chile and Argentina. 

It's just a few kilometers outside the town Puerto Ibanez. 

A great example of Patagonia's beautiful sunsets. 

Road to Chile Chico

Click here for the exact location.

This great wild camping spot is in Patagonia and perfect when you're heading to Chile Chico, the border town to cross into Argentina.  

It's near the road but hidden by some trees and bushes. And, of course, like all the other spots before, it has amazing views. 

Extra: Ghost town Chacabuco 

This camping spot isn't exactly a wild camping spot, but it was such a special place to spent the night, that I still wanted to share it. 

Click here for the exact location.

The friendly care taker of this place allowed us to camp in one of the old buildings to have some wind protection. We were also allowed to use the sight's bathroom. 

Chacabuco is an abandoned mining town. Learn more about it in my previous blog Visiting Ghost Towns in Northern Chile

Walking around this eerie place let's you travel back in time.  

Watching the sun set over the ghost town in an old-timer. . 

Breakfast time

Not ready yet for wild camping? Another blog about my favorite campsites in Chile is coming soon. 

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