Lampung Province – Krui and getting back to Jakarta

Siger Tower: the point zero in Sumatra

We spent the last few days of our honeymoon road trip on the western coast of Lampung province. This part of Lampung is famous for its beautiful islands and beaches.

Driving along Lampung’s coastal road is pure bliss. It’s lined with palm trees, passes by rice fields, and over lush hills giving you views over the white sand beaches with crystal clear water below.

Pantai Mandiri Sejati

When we arrived in Krui the local fish market was in full swing. As so often, we couldn’t resist and bought some freshly caught fish to grill on the beach.

After looking around for a while we found an empty palm-lined beach right on Pantai Mandiri Sejati. It’s a beautiful spot and would also be perfect for camping. 

We enjoyed lunch and then headed to our special treat for the last two nights of our honeymoon.

BeOcean Hotel

BeOcean is a stunning small hotel right on the beach. 

Their beautifully decorated bungalows are situated in a quiet garden. In the front there is an infinity pool with long chairs and two wooden decks with couches and huge bean bags.I love small hotels like this one with a very chilled vibe where you can still feel the personal touch of the owners. It’s the perfect place to relax and let the days pass by reading a book, taking a few dips in the pool or going snorkeling in the ocean. Then you can end the day watching the sunset with a few drinks and eating their delicious seafood on the beach. What more could one ask for?  

Check it out here: BeOcean Krui

Krui to Jakarta

And then the time has arrived for us to return to Jakarta. We were running out of time so we did this leg of the trip in two days with just a quick stop over in Bandar Lampung.  

Siger Tower Lampung - beautiful views... 

...but unfortunately the building is in pretty dire condition

On our arrival at Bakauheni Port we realized that we did not do our research about the ferry tickets. They can easily be bought in advance on This is highly recommended, especially if you are planning on taking the VIP ferry. It’s faster and departs at scheduled times so you can plan your arrival time at the harbor accordingly and safe a lot of waiting time. The other option is to take the slow ferries which leave whenever they are full. In case you are unorganized like us, it’s also possible to buy both tickets at the small Alfamart inside the passengers’ hall. We took the slow ferry. It takes around two hours to get to Pelabuhan Merak in Java and cost us 430.000Rp. for two people and the car.

Blackpearl's last ride over the ocean 

Pelabuhan Merak, the main harbor in Western Java

From Pelabuhan Merak there is a toll bringing you straight back to Jakarta.

Thank you! 

Thanks for reading this blog series about our honeymoon road trip around Sumatra. What an epic trip it was!

Let me know if we missed out on anything exciting and stay tuned for our future adventures.




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