The Northwest of Argentina: Passo de Jama - Humahuaca - Salta

Passo de Jama 

We made it to Argentina! 
To cross from Chile into Argentina we went over the beautiful Passo de Jama.

The landscape before and after the boarder is simply amazing. I felt like on a different planet!
 This is the Salar de Loyoques in Chile.

The road is in great condition, but the pass is at an elevation of over 4.200 meters so make sure to check the weather conditions before heading there.  

Beggars can't be choosers -  the only gas station after the boarder in Argentina was out of petrol. Thankfully we made it to this tiny no-name gas station in Susques Department where WE had to tell the lady how many liters we can buy with our only money, a few Chilean Pesos. 

Salinas Grande 

On our way to lower elevation we suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a huge salt lake. It's apparently one of the must-see places of  the area as we learned from all the tour busses who stopped there. 

Salt as far as the eye can see.

Lots of people go there to take silly optical-illusion pictures but we chose to drink a coffee with their weird poses as our morning entertainment instead.

Cute salt statues in the parking lot.

Cuesta de Lipan to Purmamarca

The mountains have crazy colors in this area.

Beautiful drive down the serpentine road. Several people warned us about this road but it's actually in fantastic condition - it is wide, not too steep, and perfectly paved. Just make sure to drive downhill using the lower gears. 

Huge area with black earth pyramids.

Can't get enough of giant cacti.

Purple and yellow colored hills just along the road.

14 Colores de Hornocal 

Amazing things take effort - it's a long drive up a gravel washboard serpentine road to reach the viewpoint. 

 If you're lucky you'll see some Vicunias along the way. 

 However, once you reach this place, the shaky drive will definitely be forgotten. 

The strenuous drive was absolutely worth it.
And remember, it took these rocks millions of years to form so a few hours of driving shouldn't be an issue... 


This small town is perfect to get some food on your way back from the colored mountains. 

Don't miss its pretty town square and its not so pretty Independence memorial.

Along the road to Jujuy

A food truck with home-made helado (ice cream) run by a young boy and his talkative grandma. 

Village party with lots of traditional dances just outside our campground. We learned that always having your own mate tea leaves, a cup, hot water in a thermos, and sweetener with you is an absolute must in Argentina. 


The main square with tons of blue dollar money changers holdings bags full of money.

Small haven of tranquility in the middle of the city.

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